a letter to the changeless One,
as I stare 2016 change in the face


Abba: 2016 will not sway or reshape You.

 Still, You are infinite. Still, You are timeless and changeless. Still, You assemble the stars and escort the tides. Still, You master time and hold all that exists in Your hand. Still, You keep planets spinning; still, You man galaxies; still, You are always and everywhere and everything. You are Light. You are brilliance and glory and all the good stuff. You captivate. You pierce darkness and perplex the perishing. You let us look at You, our eyes can’t stay away. You are different than all we see or know or have words for.

Still, You are Love. Still, You are a Father, a Friend and a Lover. You will romance me, like always. You’ll wrestle for and chase hard after this little heart of mine You made. You won’t stop until you win its whole attention. You’ll tune it up to Your heartbeat, and safeguard our special places. You will chip at its stone, You’ll call it pure and lovely and all Yours. You’ll remake its tender pieces a little every day. At the end of myself, You’ll piece me together and patch me back up. Still, You will hand-deliver sunshine and play days and adventure just to see it race. You’ll share it with only those who will delight in it, too.

Still, You are Grace. Still, You will set me free from old chains and an old covenant. You will wake me with morning mercy and an agenda of all Your surprises. You will not stop wanting me or shelling out fifth and fiftieth chances. You will blot out my stain. You will unwind my shame, dust me off and call me new names. You will trade my tattered rags for robes of righteousness. Though I’m messy and unraveling, You let me wear Your splendor and still say I got Your good looks. You will give me tomorrows and breath and Your grace that runs deeper than I deemed possible. You call me worthy and qualified and brand new. You make promises, and keep them! Still , You’ll carry me to completion.

Still, You are good. You are so, so good. Still, You will call me daughter, and Bride, and beloved–over and over again until I call myself so. You’ll offer Water that doesn’t run dry though I’ve settled for cheap substitutes. You’ll cheer loud front-row as I do just what You made me for. Still, you are consistent. You will show up and show off. You will choose me–I  still can’t get over this. You will always choose me. You’ll stick by me. Still, You will hear me, and get me, and have me memorized. You know me–and You’ll let me know You too. You are Love–wild, unruly and outside the lines Love. You will Love me so relentlessly all I raise is my white-flag.

Still, You are able. You will make somethings out of nothings, somebodies out of nobodies. You will hand dry bones Life. You will shut down and shut up the enemy–Your words will forever speak louder. You are faithful. Your plans will not be thwarted and Your purposes will prevail. You will not surrender. You will not retreat. Still, You win. You always win. You will take Your victory gold and turn all You touch to just that. Still, You are for me. You will take me, and grind iron and iron. It will not look or sound pretty but You will not stop working on me. You are creative. You will whittle away at me and polish me up, until I’m sharp and shiny. You will stretch me out and spread me thin. You’ll prune my dead leaves and occasionally uproot and undo me. You’ll prove me wrong, a lot. You’ll bow me low, a lot. You’ll test me, a lot, that I’d come out as gold.

Still, You are persistent. Still, You have my tendencies, my waywardness memorized. Still, You are Hope. You remember the whole story, I always come back around. So You’ll scan the horizon day in, day out–just for the speck that is me. You are patient. You’ll whisper my name. When I am too far to find Home, You will come to find me. You will brave my wilderness as I catch Your eye. You take off running. Still, You are kind. You don’t grow tired on the chase. You will wrap me up and kiss my head and shut up the sorry speech I’ve mustered up and mastered. You take me back. You carry me Home. You crown my head and robe me in second chances and celebrate, and You say I’m right where I belong.

Hallelujah. You are all that You say You are.

You made me to forever love change, but today I’m enthralled by Your solidity. You’re changeless! You’re not rocked by new years or shifting shadows or my own wandering instability. You are the same yesterday, today & all my tomorrows. 2016’s all Yours, J.


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