I’m Layne–and I hope this little thing never reeks of just me. I’m nowhere near as enchanting as the One who writes forever-afters. But here’s my heart–sprawled out and scribbled. My Jesus just told me to spill it.

My truest identity is this: I’m a child of God, a recovering Pharisee, redeemed. Trying to wake up choosing freedom instead of rules and old chains and an old covenant. Trying to bask in my belovedness, and let Grace fall the good kind of heavy. What they call stubborn, He’s named Steadfast–and I sure hope He finds me faithful until forever. Until Then, I’m chasing Jesus & my Someday.

God’s grace exists to point people to
a love like no other love they have ever
known.  A Love outside the lines.
 Mike Yaconelli |IMG_0393

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